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At Baine Termite and Pest Control, we are committed to making your home termite free.  If your home currently has evidence of termites, you are not alone. Termites are wood-destroying insects capable of damaging a home's structural timbers, including posts, floor supports, ceiling supports subfloors and wall studs. Termites also can damage non-structural components, including drywall paperboard, paneling, carpet and furniture.

We offer comprehensive termite inspections, protection, and treatment services to our customers in Columbia, Irmo, Ballentine, Chapin, Lexington and surrounding areas.                                                                                     

Baiting System  

Providing the advantages of long-term protection, we offer a revolutionary Termite Baiting System that requires either quarterly or annual inspections. Based on the natural behavior of termites, our baiting systems are designed to reduce or eliminate the termite's colony. The baiting system will be installed in the soil around your home and checked regularly for termite activity. When termites are found in a baiting station, the inspection cartridge is replaced with a bait cartridge so termites can begin feeding. As termites feed and travel back to the colony, they share the termite bait and recruit other termites back to feed. This process will ultimately eliminate the termite's colony and prevent the potential damages they may cause to your home.

Liquid Termite Treatment

A revolutionary chemical technology treatment. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid the liquid. Instead they contact, ingest, and share it with their nestmates. Termites who contact the liquid transfer it to every other termite they in turn contact, in a unique process called the "Transfer Effect."  And because the liquid is engineered to be slow-acting, termites have ample time to spread it throughout their entire termite population.To protect your home from future termite infestations, the liquid must be mixed and poured in deep trench that is dug around the foundation of the home - Drilling is may be required to treat the interior foundation wall,drilling vary based on the home’s construction type.